Just like a precariously stacked Jenga tower, this event only holds together because all of us pull our weight. We are not a Kult but we are a Burning Man family, pooling our efforts into building a fabulous experience.

Some family members have been plotting and planning this event for months. Others keep the gears grinding all weekend long or bring the fun with activities like yoga, sound baths, BBQs, or laying down those juicy beats that have us dancing 'til dawn. Not to forget our brave potty stirrers.

We want everyone to be involved with building, maintaining, being creative, and generally contributing and being part of the family!

After all, this is a FUBU situation – For Us, By Us. If you spot an opportunity to help, dive right in! Got a brainwave for an activity or idea? If you want to offer anything yourself, please reach out to us and let’s make it happen!


This year for the second time, we will have kashback services. These are the services that historically and understandably nobody wants to volunteer for, but we need trusted people for these services. Thus, we want to pay people for doing these services for the event and will pay the costs of half a ticket for these services. Please note: You will still have to buy your ticket and we will pay you after the event. We will have a video-call meeting with all kashback services participants before the event to discuss the details and importance of these services.

If you want to sign up, reach out to us! While these services are important, the event as a whole should be fun for all of us including you.