We will have 4 qualified medics on-site available during their scheduled shifts via walkie talkie all weekend.

Even with this service, we must remember that this is a small, private event, in a very remote location. As a result, it is extremely important that all attendees take care of themselves and others by bringing sufficient water, respecting their physical limits, being, being mindful of their consumption and resting when needed (i know... ironic right?!).

We will have a First-Aid station setup with all standard first-aid supplies and Narcan available. We will also have 2 vehicles available and a sober driver if needed for non-life-threatening emergencies. We will also have a Starlink setup to contact emergency services for life-threatening issues that require helicopter evacuation.

Everyone's health and safety is a top priority for the event organizers but we cannot be successful and avoid incidents without your help. Again, look out for yourselves, make safe decisions and encourage those around to so as well so we can keep everyone safe.

Emergency/Medical Printout - NSAKO24