We'll have a smattering of intoxicating potions, head-spinning shots, and some "wait, what's in this?" surprises scattered around, but the general rule is to arm yourself with your own stash of liquid courage and whatever else tickles your fancy.

DONT FORGET A REUSABLE CUP! Event if you bring your own drinks we stongly encourage you to bring a reusable cup so you can enjoy tasty drinks provided through the weekend.


We're providing a modest morning munch on Friday and doling out Tacos on Sunday, while The Peg House will be our collective culinary destination come Friday evening. But for the most part, it's BYOF.

We can confirm: You can survive on cake and rum & coke!


Please bring enough water to be self sufficient for hydration and to take showers in our Burning-Man style showers.

Please try to bring a reusable water bottle and larger gallons of water to help reduce plastic waste.


Don't forget that this is a Leave No Trace event. That means everyone is responsible for their own trash and their neighbors as well. Please bring trash bags to ensure you do your part and please plan ahead to have space to take your trash with you.


Sure, the days will be sizzling hotter than a jalapeño's armpit. But when the sun drops, the chill creeps in - so come bundled up like a Yeti going to a Christmas party!