We've been fortunate enough to call James' stunning property our home for the past 6 years. Let's continue to show our gratitude by treating it with respect. There is always fire danger in the forest, so please avoid tossing your cigarette butts on the ground. Opt for a cigarette pouch or a similar container instead.

For those of you who have weathered the trials of Burning Man, this will be a piece of cake:


A communal Burning Man-style kitchen will be available for cooking meals and socializing.


There will be 3 Burning Man-style showers. Please bring water gallons to fill up the shower bags and collect the resultant gray water.

Medics on site

We will have 2-3 qualified medics on site (from our family) that will be available via walkie talkie all weekend in case of emergencies.

Medical kit

At HQ (across from the dance floor) there will be a medical bin stocked with a first aid kit, Narcan, Epipen, and other essential medical equipment.

Emergency vehicle

A vehicle will be ready at all times to transport any emergencies to the nearby hospital. A designated sober driver will be available daily for such scenarios.

Porta Potties

There will be 8 porta potties that will be serviced in the middle of the event on Saturday. Note: Some porta potties will be locked from Saturday to Sunday morning in order to make sure that we have fresh potties every day.  For those comfortable with the idea, we encourage using the forest for outdoor relief in order to conserve toilet capacity.


Some service providers get spotty service. We have starlink internet access at the house. If you need to work on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning, just talk to us in advance to coordinate.


The surrounding forests, replete with trees and bushes, are there for you to explore and enjoy. Use them as playful hideouts, natural restrooms, secret rendezvous spots, or even as cozy corners to dispose of drunk Irish men.


This is a camping event so pan to bring all the camping equipment you will need for the weekend.

While we will be providing porto-potties and burning man gravity showers (BYOW (water)), we will not be providing any other sleeping amenities other than our luxurious dance floor chill spaces. Just don't get caught sleeping in them or risk years of shame and heckling from the locals.

Below is a map of the property to help you find your perfect spot to call home for the weekend.


2023 map below for layout reference