Like last year we will park all cars off property in order to have more space for campers and offer quiet camping.

UNLIKE LAST YEAR, all vehicles will be parked just minutes from Jamestown at a neighboring property instead of at the Peg House!

Gate Hours

Wednesday:  All day

Thursday:  Until late night 1am

Friday:  8pm - 11pm

What to do depends on your arrival time!

Pre-Thursday night arrivals

You can temporarily park your stallions on-site in a designated location before we move all the cars to the parking location Thursday evening at 7pm. Pretty please no special treatment. Please don’t try to hide your car - it just makes life difficult for us finding its driver.

Thursday between 7AM and 1AM

Drive all the way up to the porta potty area. Most importantly: Get out of the car and give the gate crew a hug! Secure your wristbands! Hand over an ID as hostage and receive a trusty trolley in return (later, we'll swap again). Fill out a form with your contact info, to be displayed on your car's dashboard. Unload your vehicle transfer your belongings to the trolley - unloading shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes. The driver never abandons the car and immediately drives the car to the neighboring property. Once parked, our reliable chauffeur [insert drivers name here] will whisk the driver back to the property in the cozy confines of our shuttle van. 

Friday Arrivals

Swing by the site, offload your gear, then mosey on down to The Peg House to park. From there, hitch a ride to our river rendezvous. After 3pm arrivals, head directly to the river. Please coordinate with other campers so that we can park as few cars as possible at the river location.

Outside of shuttle hours

Fear not, we're not abandoning you in the wilderness! Give us a shout and we'll help you coordinate a ride back from our kampout parking lot. We've got a cozy 15-seater van, which one of your passengers will need to commandeer for the return journey. You are not alone! Please don't hesitate to sync with us and let us help you orchestrate your grand entrance!

Saturday arrivals

Please coordinate with other campers and with us. We'll organize an early afternoon shuttle for you or help you coordinate your ride back from the kampout parking lot.


If you're leaving the premises and your ideal shuttle time has evaporated into thin air, no worries! If need be, you can temporarily park your car by the gate and scoot off later. Our space is as limited as a good sitcom's season run, so let's all be mindful of our parking footprint.